Teaching And Learning Methods

A strategies in teaching and learning is the means chosen to convey a subject matter in a teaching environment which includes the nature, sequence of activities which can provide a learning experience to students and scope. Teaching and learning strategy is not only limited to the procedures of the learning activities, but also include teaching materials or package.
Need for the link between teaching and learning strategies with the aim of teaching itself, so that the obtained measures of effective teaching-learning activities as well as efficient. Teaching-learning strategy is a plan for achieving goals. This strategy consists of methods and techniques which will ensure students will reach the goal. The meaning of the broader strategy rather than a method or technique of teaching.
Teaching and learning methods is the way that the function is a tool to achieve a goal. This method is applicable both for teachers and for students. The better the methods of teaching and learning
used it the more effective achievement of goals as well. Sometimes the method is also distinguished by the technique of learning. Teaching and learning methods have the procedural nature of the techniques more while having the nature of implementatif.
Can be concluded that the strategy consists of methods and techniques or procedures that ensure students reach the learning objectives. The broader strategy is a method or technique of teaching. Teaching techniques is part of teaching strategies.
Teachers are expected to be able to identify four types of discussion as a method in teaching. All the selected strategy to achieve goals such as teaching pupils were asked to put forward four form an example discussion ever seen, students are required to read two books about these kinds of discussions, students are asked to demonstrate ways to peacefully in accordance with the type that has been studied, and the other groups surveyed noting his shortcomings to discuss after the demonstration was over, the students are expected to record the results of the class discussion.
Based on these examples it can be seen that the technique teaching method using activity is a demonstration and discussion. And all of these activities are organized teacher strategies to achieve objectives in teaching. When setting strategy, a teacher can choose various methods such as lectures or FAQs, discussion or demonstration and so on.