Teaching And Learning Strategies

Beginning the term used in the world of military strategy and has the meaning as the use of force to win a battle. To set up a strategy then someone will first weigh the strength of his forces from both the quantity and quality. If all the already known he devised an act to be done about the stratagem of war and it makes as well as the right time to attack.
From it can be inferred that the strategies used to get success and success to achieve the goal. In the world of education, has the meaning as the strategy planning that contains about a series of events made to achieve specific educational goals. The strategy used in many contexts of teaching and learning. The strategy also has the meaning as the general pattern of activity of teachers and learners in showing the teaching and learning activities.
Teaching and learning strategies shows
characteristics about the sequence of works between teachers and learners in the learning process. Teaching and learning strategy is planning a series of activities designed to achieve a purpose which is already specified. Learning strategies is an activity of learning to be done by teachers and students that learning goals can be done effectively and efficiently.
Teaching strategies is a way that teachers use in carrying out the process of teaching and learning in order to affect the learners to achieve the goal of teaching more efficiently and effectively. So teaching and learning strategy is in the process of implementing the concrete actions of teachers during the teaching based on the rules in your teaching. Learning strategies must contain a description of the procedures and techniques used in the learning process.
There are a variety of methods or techniques about learning strategies that can be used. These techniques are, among others, with discussions, group work, simulations and inventions. In addition teachers can also use engineering experimentation, demonstration, presentation techniques, the tour of the field, sosiodrama, techniques of presentation cases, presentation techniques systematically Squad, training, dialogue, discourses, and the granting of duty. A variety of methods as part of the learning strategy intended to acquire learning results as expected.