The Concept of Conflict

Conflict can be used a vital element since it is the backbone of story, It conflicts provide us with pattern and direction and give us sense of a story going somewhere. It can be said that conflict is the essence of all stories the exposition should set up a situation in which there is conflict and from which suspense arise . Playwright creates conflict in his work to attract the reader attention and interest. Conflict becomes one of the important things in a plot of story. Like what Robert Stanton in his book An Introduction to Fiction states “Two important elements of plot are conflict and climax . 

It supported by Graham Little in Approach to literature states: The main conflict in stories is often a moral one. Sometimes it’s a clear conflict or fights and wrong, sometimes a more tangled one between irreconcilable views, each right in its own way. It means that conflict is not only about tragedy in the story, but also represents a moral that showed for the variants of character. Its deal what Robert Peen Warren, Understanding to fiction that, states: Conflict has the closest relation to character, for we cannot remain long interested in conflict between animal are more interesting, that because we can rather easily project ourselves into them . It also supported by Joseph T. Shipley said that Conflict as the basic element in determining the action of a play, struggle and opposition have also been suggested. It involves two opposing forces: not more, for the emotional flow of the reception is drown with one, and all other surge to support or retard this. Holman in his book give statement that conflict not only implies the struggle of a protagonist against someone or something, it also implies the existence of some motivation for the conflict or some goal to be achieved thereby. 
The Types Of Conflict 
In literature conflict is divide into two types, they are internal conflict and external conflict, it is supported by Robert peen Warren in his book Understanding to Fiction, states that: There is conflict between man and man, man and society, one idea and others, there is conflict in the external world and conflict in man’s own mind . It’s supported by Little in his book Approach to literature, states conflict may be one of a man against nature, man against man, or, in the mind of the chief character, man again himself. It means that conflict arise not only from the own personality but also from the outside. It could be conflict caused from the environment, social condition and behaviorism. it supported by Stanton in his book An Introduction to Fiction” Every work of fiction contain obvious internal conflict between two desires within a character, or external conflict between character and environment, these specific which may be internal, external, or both.