Time and Space Patterns

Time and Space Patterns in America

Time in America

Time is the duration in which all things happen. They can use their time with value achievement. Every community will give different meaning about time. For example: in religious societies, their time is for prayer. But different with businessman, their time is used for meeting, visiting, an calling their partner.


Promptness is important in American business, academic, and social setting. The important of punctuality is taught to young children in the school

Americans people who keep appointments are considered dependable. Because if people are late to job interviews, appointments or classes they do not have responsibility because the important in business world, they said “Time is money”. Of course it is not possible to punctual. Social and business etiquette also provides rules for late arrivals. For example: calling on the telephone if one is going to be more than a few minutes late for scheduled appointments is considered polite and is often expected.

Respecting deadlines is also important in Americans business and academic. For example: if there is student collected his assignment late, the teacher or lecture will refuse his assignment or give lower grade.

Division of Time

Time is tangible: one can “gain time”. “waste time”, “save time” or every “kill time”. There are many common questions in American English. For example: “Do you have any time?”, “Can you get some time for this?” or “How much free time do you have?”

In America they do one job at a time. For example: when they want to meet, they have to make appointment before in order to can not disturb their schedules.

Future Time

The characteristic of America culture make changing in their life. They look to the future than to the past. It’s happened because the existence of technology, social, life style and their relationship.

In America, parents struggle to understand the values of their children although in America always change trend. In religious Institution also give advice to the followers by religious leaders to keep up with the time.

Some America believe that someone who has future orientation will have high standard live.

Time and Space Patterns in Madura

Time in Madura

According to Sumiaty, sixty two years old Sumenep, she said that time is for gathering with her family because she stay in her house only.

According to Hamdiyah, fourty three years old Sumenep, she said that time is for teaching because she is a teacher.


In Madura the promptness is not too important such as in America because although they are late in meeting, there isn’t fine. So Madurase is not attention in punctuality. Usually if Madurase come late more 15-20 minutes, they will be calling but it is usual.

Division Time

Common question that used in Madura if we need someone to help us. For example : “Sampeyan andi’ baktoh?”

Future Time

In Madura Future time is important. It is one of planning to be success in the future. Sometimes, parent is more influenced to the children future

Space in America

Space come from Yunnan’s Language, Typos or Location which has three expression of dimensional.

Architectural Differences

Architectural differences in America may also because confusion or discomfort for the travel. For example : Americans living in South America, so the architecture which stayed of American depend on the emotionally.

In American home, make the layout of rooms architecture according to function which one room has one function. For example : living room-American used living room if they have guest. Bedroom-American used bedroom if they want to sleep or take a rest. Different with Japan homes, the architecture in Japan is small but it can defined in two rooms which one room has many function. For example : living room-in living room they can used bedroom or playing room also.

Privacy and the Use of Space

In America respect other privacy is important such as “good fences make good neighbors’. Relationship between individuals and their physical surroundings are important to keep privacy each others. When privacy is needed, family members may lock their bedroom doors. For example : when American wants to be alone, he goes into room and he shut the door. It means that, he don’t want to disturb ( He is angry or He is busy ).

Americans has studied “ knock before you enter ”. it has studied by young American children.

Space in Madura

According to Latifah sixty five years old Sumenep, space is house which she can stay there and it can shape her.

Architectural Difference.

Usually on e room in Madura has many function. For example : living room-we can use it if we have guest and in other hand we can lay down or eaten something.

Privacy and the Use of Space.

In Madura good fences make a good neighbors, but keep privacy still less. For example : the children shut the door, it means that he wants to be alone (he has assignment or he has problem) but in Madurase other people don’t know about what is the meaning of it. So that, their parents angry to him because he shut the door and he doesn’t out from his bedroom. Other hand, his fried force him to open the door. So knock before you enter in Madurase is not important because not all people can do that.


Promptness in America is very important than Madura because promptness in Madura is not all people can do that.

In America in one room has one function but in Madura one room has many function.

American knock before you enter, it is important but in Madura not all people can do that.

Keep privacy is important in America but in Madura still les.

Japan’s house is same with Madura’s house.


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