Understanding Of Teaching And Learning

Success and failure of a pupil comes from the pupil’s personal. Any effort should start at the attitude and way of thinking in response to various situations that will be encountered in life. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages and all live how can optimize the potential advantages and minimize the disadvantages that are owned. The balance of all the elements within is the key to success is to be achieved.

Learning is a process of change in behavior due to experience and practice. Another meaning of learning is all mental or psychic activity occurring in the active interaction in an environment that produces changes in the management sense. Whereas the opinion of the other States that learning is a process of acts committed intentionally that way then give rise to a change in circumstances different from the change caused.

Understanding of teaching and learning

is a kind of change that is demonstrated in the keadaaannya behaviour change is not the same than before the individual is on the situation of learning as well as similar actions after committing it. There is some sense that is used to describe the sense of teaching and learning.

On the definition of classic stated that teaching could be construed as the delivery of a number of science because the views are like this. Teachers are seen as a source of knowledge and the student does not understand anything. This classic sense in line with the views of Brunner who had the opinion that teaching is conveyed the idea, problem or knowledge in a simple form so that it can be understood by the disciples.

Understanding of teaching and learning in the modern definition of a classic view and rejects, therefore, the view is now ignored. Now people are starting to switch to a view that teaching not only convey knowledge, but trying to create an environment that allows the situation of pupils to learn. A new concept of teaching States that teaching is coaching for students how to learn and how to think and investigate.

From it may be understood that a very prominent activity in teaching is inside the pupil. But that doesn’t mean the role of teacher excluded however changed. Teachers are considered as sources of knowledge so that teachers have always been active and passive always students in teaching and learning activities.